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"A non-restricted fluid body is what we are trying to create" ~ Juliu Horvath, Inventor GYROTONIC® movement


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What We Do

Are you ready for a new home in your body?  No pain and more comfort as you move through your daily life?  GYROTONIC® principles will create this for you, and our expert teachers will guide you through this process.  In a short amount of time you will start to feel the joy of having a non-restricted fluid body.

We are dedicated to bringing about the joy that comes from moving freely to everyone - young and old.  Whether you are a professional dancer, athlete or simply someone looking to feel better and experience a pain-free and lengthened body, there is a program here for you.

Body Evolutions is a warm and inviting sanctuary in the East Village of Manhattan.  Everyone who wants to achieve a higher quality of life through movement is at home and welcome in our studio.  We look forward to meeting you and sharing the experience of this journey with you!

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